Diamond Grille Screen Doors in Sydney: Security Meets Aesthetic Appeal

Diamond grille screen doors from Platinum Pet Doors offer a cost-effective solution to fortify your home’s security. These grilles, crafted from tempered aluminium, are perfect for hinged and sliding doors, half-panel doors, and fixed windows. They effectively deter opportunistic intruders while keeping annoying flies away, making them a vital addition to any home. Our diamond grille screen doors provide an affordable yet dependable security solution for less visible areas, like laundries and upstairs rooms. With durable powder-coated aluminium and top-quality hardware that meets Australian standards, our diamond grille screen doors ensure lasting protection for your home.

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Recent diamond grille screen door installations from Platinum Pet Doors

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Invest in superior security and style with our custom-made window grilles. Enhance the security of your home with our premium grilles made from powder-coated aluminium, guaranteeing lasting quality. Don’t compromise on safety or style – get in touch with us to order your diamond grille window grilles today!

A hallmark feature of our diamond grille screen doors is their uniquely structured grille, which offers robust security and enhanced durability. These doors are expertly designed with high-grade materials, ensuring a long lifespan and sustained protection for your home. Made to exceed Australian Standards, these doors offer an ideal balance between strength and style, serving as an excellent deterrent against unwarranted intrusions. The Diamond Grille Screen Doors are available in a range of colours to match your existing frames and home décor.

Our Diamond Grille Screen Doors come with:

  • A hard-wearing diamond grille for enhanced security.
  • Durable, powder-coated frames for increased longevity.
  • Inbuilt standard flyscreen for bug prevention.
  • Compliance with Australian Standards, offering peace of mind.

In our commitment to meet the specific needs of every homeowner, we offer a range of optional extras to customise your Diamond Grille Screen Door. For those seeking additional security, we provide a triple locking system at an extra cost of $120 inc GST. For ease and convenience, consider our automatic closer or hold-open feature available for $50 inc GST.

We pride ourselves on offering tailored solutions for all our customers. With this in mind, our diamond grille screen doors can be customised to accommodate pet doors, providing a safe and convenient entry for your beloved pets. We partner with top brands in the industry to ensure these pet doors are of the highest quality, matching the resilience and durability of our window grilles. Crafted from robust materials like reinforced polymer and aluminium, these pet doors are designed to endure the elements and the energetic antics of your pets. Customise your window grille with a pet door today, and provide your pets with the freedom they crave without compromising your home’s security.