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Step into the world of Platinum Pet Doors, your ultimate destination for the supply and installation of premium French dog doors in Sydney. Designed to blend seamlessly with the aesthetic charm of French doors, our dog doors offer a perfect balance between style and functionality.

Our selection of dog doors, specifically designed for French doors, are sourced from top industry brands such as PetSafe, Pet-Tek, Petway Pet Doors, Sure Petcare / SureFlap, Pet-Corp International, and Transcat. These doors provide a convenient entrance for your furry companions and add a touch of sophistication and exceptional craftsmanship to your home.

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We invite you to discover the Platinum Pet Doors difference. Gift your pet the freedom they deserve, and gift yourself the convenience you’ve always desired with our premium French dog doors. Contact us today for more information or to schedule an installation. With Platinum Pet Doors, you’re not just making a purchase but investing in a happier, healthier lifestyle for your beloved pet.

Platinum Pet Doors offer an array of dog door options for French doors. Our diverse range comprises various sizes, suitable for breeds big and small, alongside a variety of trusted brands and robust materials. This wide-ranging choice ensures every pet’s requirements are met and each owner’s unique style and taste are catered to. Our dog doors for French doors seamlessly combine functionality with aesthetics, providing your pet with the freedom they crave whilst effortlessly blending with your home decor. We also offer dog doors for sliding glass doors.

French Dog Door Sizes

Understanding that dogs come in all sizes, we cater to the smallest Chihuahuas, the largest St. Bernards, and every breed. With small to extra-large dog doors available, we ensure that comfort isn’t compromised when your dog passes through their door.

French Dog Door Brands

Our high-quality French door dog doors are sourced from reputed brands that stand for durability and elegance. Working with industry leaders such as Pet-Tek, PetSafe, Sure Petcare / SureFlap, Pet-corp International, Petway Pet Doors, and Transcat, we offer you products that promise reliable performance and aesthetically pleasing design.

French Dog Door Materials

The essence of our dog doors lies in the choice of material – either impact-resistant polycarbonate or corrosion-proof aluminium. Polycarbonate doors bring in a glossy finish that accentuates the charm of your French doors. Alternatively, our aluminium options offer a sleek, modern touch to your interiors while being resilient and lightweight.

French Dog Door Features

Our French dog doors come equipped with various features designed to enhance usability and durability. They incorporate different locking systems, providing you with control over your pet’s access and ensuring enhanced security. In addition to the locking systems, our preferred dog doors for French doors also offer innovative features like microchip activation and flexible, soft flaps. These ensure your pet’s convenience while adding an extra layer of security to your home.

At Platinum Pet Doors, we’re more than just suppliers; we’re your trusted partners in creating a pet-friendly environment. We boast a team of fully licensed, insured, and highly skilled glaziers with a wealth of experience in the industry. Our installation process has been designed with precision in mind. We accurately trace the pet door template onto your French doors to ensure a perfect fit. Quality control is integral to our services, so we perform multiple checks during installation. Post-installation, we leave your space clean and tidy, with a perfectly installed French dog door as the only sign of our visit. With us, you can rest assured that your Sydney dog door installation is handled by industry experts.